Monday, July 13, 2009

Mon. July 13 2009. 4:21 p.m.

So, even though I live the stories. Isn't Max an amazing blogger? I am in awe of his blogging abilities. The links, the wit, the sass, all untouchable.

I just want to personally thank Max. I am a reader. I am a believer.

Other than that!
How are ya?
Any of you all been to a warped show? Where? Was it righteous?

Being on warped with Alexis has me excited for our UK/European takeover! And we are also in the planning stages for a U.S and Canadian return.

Stay awesome.
Much love.
Much respect.
Chris 2


Baptiste said...

Nice to see you, #2!

No Warped for me...but I'm already waiting for your next European tour!
Heat seems to be sometimes really really difficult. It's not so hot in Belgium ;-)!

You told about last Rancid record some weeks ago : do you like it? It is great! Nothing to prove...

Hello from Belgium, see ya here.

Much love


kaitlyn said...

European takeover!! YAY!! only 1 month to go before Feldkirch:) see you guys there:)
rock on, K.

Bobbie said...

Aww I hope your enjoying warped. i was hoping to go the the buffalo show but my dad might lose his job. I hope you guess come close to Syracuse,NY sometime.
Peace, Love you guys,

Twilight Jewel said...

Yay! I can't wait to see what you plan for the USA...
If the higher power be willing, I will be there for a few shows then, and maybe take you boys out bowling? Yeah? Write that into your schedule. If not bowling, dinner.
<3 LoRi

Jen said...

Yeah, I went to Warped in Indiana. My friend and I had VIP passes, and tried to get backstage before your set because one of the workers said we could but then another stopped us and said to wait until after you played. So we watched your amazing set(huge circle pit and all) and tried again, only to be turned down. It was disappointing, but at least we got to see you play.
Then we hit up the merch booth where I bought the new album along with the "Fuck war love, Anti-Flag" shirt. I love watching people read it and then seeing their reactions of either shock or approval. Great purchase!
Anyway, it was a fun day. Great music, good friends, not too shabby weather.
Come back to Indiana soon, please!

Adelleda said...

U.S AND CANADIAN RETURN?!?!?!?!!!!! You guys have made my week :D

Amanda Cobain said...

i saw you guys in toronto last friday you were awesome much love come back soon i've only seen you guys twice and thats not enough flag for me haha =D

Katie said...

yeah he certainly does an awesome job! =)

i'll be at the detroit warped. stoked to see you and the rest of AF!


Taske said...

I'm not much of a reading type, but max's bloggings is fun to read.

No Warped for me either, but I can't wait you guys to take-over Amsterdam in the tickets, a place for my doggie to only have to book a hotel...

Grtz. from Holland, see ya!


Anonymous said...

Warped tour, warped tour...please stop talking about it =p
well, i couldn't go to it..anyway i saw some videos like always you all were great.and Max did a really good job!

you gonna play soon in europe! that's nice! but i have a question (okay, you always have questions like that but please answer it's very important 'cause i'm not sure i'll be able to see you in europe..)after you'll play in europe for the "eastpack antidote tour" , will you come back in europe soon?

Shelly M said...

Port a potty story was hilarious! Couldn't make to Warped this year :( But very much looking forward to your return to Canada!

Anonymous said...

Hope Warped is good.
I see you guy are on the Eastpak Anitide tour in October, in the UK.
So glad you guys are coming to Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

Met you guys in cleveland you were all so nice especially justin! thank you so much for taking the time to do a signing! warped tour was great!!

--Merri From OU

Lil Riley said...

Max is undoubtedly an awesome blogger ..... very amusing.

I'm looking forward to catching you on the next UK tour ..... but reading festival first :D ..... can't freakin' wait ...... 7th year for me .... you guys must be comming up close to that soon .... you're reading regulars

I have no idea what the .....'s are about :s

Take care,

Riley x

Vief said...

Yeah, I've been reading with a smile on my face as well! Keep up the blogging, either of you!
Anyway, no Warped for me, but very very stoked for Pukkelpop and then the AOFdates in November!

See you in about a month,

William Waste Away said...

Warped hasn't been to my state yet.... and you guys aren't playing that date :-(

Tom said...

At Warped in Cleveland, OH! You guys went on way too early. 11:15!? We got there at 11:30 and saw you guys play for 45 minutes. Best act I saw all day.
You boys need to play here again soon, it was great to meet you guys and see how down-to-earth you are!


Timshel said...

Ya, my boyfriend and I saw you as the first band on the first day of Warped Tour. It was amazing! I'm so excited that you're coming back! Hit up Vegas! Though we'd drive out of town again if we had to! :)

twinjlb said...

Camden Warped tour! You guys were AWESOME! I haven't been to a warped tour in quite a few years (due to life as a single mom) but It was my first time seeing Anti-Flag and wow! Im so glad I got to experience you guys live. Not only is your music awesome but you guys were extemely entertaining! You made those 2 dudes kiss for fighting during your show! Never saw anything like it! To top that you signed a poster for my 4yr old and she LOVED IT!!! Cluck the world! Much Love Jaime from "South" Jersey

lara jane said...

i drove up to burgettstown to see you guys play at warped and then i was just interpeting at a skate competition and got tickets for the cincy warped tour haha.
but yeh.
you guys were amazing when i saw you play, i mean you always are. i was in awe to see you guys, especially when you played turncoat as your first song haha.

you guys are my heros.
you keep me writing.

if you ever get the chance, a minute or two:

thanks so much. i owe like 17 essays to you haha.


Whitney said...

what about australia?
we haven't had a headlining tour since the terror state in 2005 and we miss you guys like crazy:(

Devlin said...

Hey guys, you were amazing at Warped Tour! I saw you on the 17th in Camden. You guys were the highlight of it all, the band I looked forward to most. I loved it when you stopped the last song to tell two guys fighting to "either kiss each other on the mouth or get the fuck out!" that was so hysterical. I am so glad I got to meet you all after your performance! Your really an inspiration for me <3

vansch said...

warped in new york was awesome!! hope to get to frequency festival in austria, otherwise i hope for autumn ^^

see you,
all the best, peace,

Charlotte said...

Hey guys! hope you're doing well
i was at the Vans in Orlando but missed you cause of the stupid traffic jam..... i was so sad! but hopefuly i'm french and i'll be able to see you in Paris in november!!!

Thanks for the blogs along the tour i love reading them,
be safe on the road guys
love u


Anonymous said...

This is Kermit, I am not a stalker, I am a person with a real heart, and I have had some battles, I support my baby's mother, and I support you all. I don't want to hear you talking any more shit about me because I find it discriminatory. I am glad you are all having a great tour, we are protesting and rioting out here in Montana. I hope you are all well. My causes have been mine, and my struggle has been my struggle, but it has been with others. I am not hitler, and I am not Jesus, I am Kermit

Anonymous said...

chris!!! i saw you guys play at pomona!! it was a great fucking set!
you guys did a signing after, and i was able to meet you!!! yea! haha (i was one of the guys in the ruins shirt :) i had spiky hair!) but yea! me and my buddy were talking about seeing you!! so that would be real cool if you came back to california :)
keep on writing those crazy basslines :) you amaze me with every fucking song!

chey said...

I have been to two! saw you guys in indy....then in chicago!!! needless to say i was disappointed that chicago's circle pit beet indys....but chicago is way bigger!!!and i felt like i was going to die at chicago. they are a crazy crowd!!!! You guys rocked!!! I was super excited that i got to see you guys twice( makes it four times now!) and on top of that getting to see rise against this summer....wahoo my two fav bands!!!!!and it was awsome to see you guys in the rain!!! ohhh the best part was getting to meet all of you (thanks pat for the hug!) all but justin :( where was he?
much respect
take care

Imilla said...

I was in the GA Warped! It was awesome

You guys play a show in Puerto Rico

TinA Rox said...

This is a little late, but Warped in Chicago and Milwaukee were amazing! haha :)

Anonymous said...

Last year you guys were here in finland at ruisrock festival. I have to say, that it was the greates gig i've ever seen! thank you! i hope you come here again someday


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