Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday. July 6th. 6:09 p.m.

Out on Warped Tour 2009.
Shows have been great.
We have a new friend helping us out on this tour, let me introduce you to Max, guitar tech/all around good dude.
I gave him the log in information for this blog, so hopefully we'll be blessed with some updates from him.

listening to the new Alexis On Fire - new Big D and the Kids Table - new The A.K.A's albums.
good time for new music.

take it easy, but take it.


Adelleda said...

Yeah, so I can't help but notice that you mention the new Alexisonfire CD....!!!! AMAZING CD! Right now I'm obsessed with The Northern. I love how it starts off all "bass-ish" (if that makes sense) and soft, with Dallas singing, and then it gets heavier and...ermm...crazier, and George comes in and then he screams the part that Dallas was singing and it's just unbelievably perfect and beautiful! The combination of their voices is amazing.
OK, done with my tangent :D

lara jane said...

ill be at the concert tomorrow. i am basically freaking out haha.
i bet you guys are having a great time and i know you guys will play your hearts out tomorrow.

hopefully ill get to talk to you guys at the tent. but i know youre really really busy haha. either way, cant wait to hear you guys play tomorrow. thanks for being so inspirational. you keep me writing.

if you get the chance, maybe just a few seconds, id appreaciate it if you read another piece.

thanks so much.


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