Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Greetings from Ohio!

We peaced out early from the show today, the guys were very anxious to get back to Pittsburgh. I'll be anxious to get there when we swing through on our day off next Monday, and I can pick up my sweetie from the airport. I got back to the bus from dinner after helping Marc pack up merch, and 2 was bouncing off the walls in anticipation for his return home. Radar (the brave captain of our ship on wheels) stumbled in, blurry eyed from four hours of sleep, saying he just wanted to hammer this drive out so he could get there and get a full days sleep. Neil felt inclined to help him out a little, check out the video. He drove for a good 10 minutes while we laughed and Radar took a piss. I cowered behind one of the seats. Not that I don't trust Neil, but I've driven an RV and trailer before, and that felt out of control, I couldn't imagine a fucking bus and trailer.

Suffice it to say, we're all fine and he didn't crash. He is a legend, after all. The real deal, Neil Linn.

That was the most exciting thing to happen today. The tour took us to somewhere in Indiana. The show was good, kids were excited, weather was great. Also, I finally felt back in the 95-100% range today as far as health is concerned.

Tomorrow I'll wake up in Pittsburgh on an empty bus. Now I'm gonna find something to watch and something to eat.



Chris Hate said...

You guys have fun in my lovely hometown of Cleveland.

If youre hungry you need to go to Melt, its just outside of downtown. Grilled cheese variation restaurant. Its amazing.

Theres also a really great record store right near melt called My Minds Eye.

I'm sure you dont have much free time but if you do those places are great

kaitlyn said...

one blog a day? YES!!!
now i understand why you guys need big tour buses, if you take bikes, and hockey gear with you:) what other non music related stuff is hidden in there?