Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's a little flashback to a couple weeks ago, all the way back in Phoenix, AZ-

We took part in a bowling competition to benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation, a foundation that has raised millions of dollars for leukemia, AIDS, and cancer research. All the participating bands met at the bowling alley, and were teamed up with a person that had bid to play with them, hence the fund raising aspect. Our 6th team member was Lori, a long time friend of Anti-Flag, and apparently a semi-pro bowler. We took it as a good sign when she showed up with her own bowling shoes. We bowled next to friends Underoath the first round, and later on in the lane next to Bad Religion. Now I've never met Greg Graffin before, and I did not meet him that night, but I wish I could share with you to comedy of his mannerisms as he scored strikes and spares in the lane next to ours. Every time, without fail, he turned around, with his hand on his chin and a contemplative expression on his face, as if to say "Did I just score that? I didn't see, what just happened here?".Nerd.

It was great bowling that night. We were cheering each other on and getting really into the game. 2 got real competitive and animated, Pat jumped in and rolled a few for me while I rested my arm, and of course the legend Neil Linn was rolling turkeys and carrying us through our rough spots.

It showed in our scores, we made it to the final round! Now there's no telling how we made it that far, none of us were very exceptional bowlers to be honest. I, personally, was happy to roll over 100. I think the key, though, was that none of us were exceptionally bad bowlers either. We were strong and constant. In the end, we came in 4th place, but seeing as first place was the local radio station, and third place was Vans shoes, we decided (ourselves) that we actually came in second place, just behind Less Than Jake. Congratulations to us!

Toronto was fun today. Neil and I had to take all the equipment from the main stage and wheel it to one of the smaller stages, and then tomorrow after the show we have to roll it back again. The band helped out warped by moving to a smaller stage to make room for Alexisonfire on the main stage, just for the Canadian dates. If you think you may have heard Alexisonfire before, but aren't sure, then you're probably not from Canada. They're a band from Toronto, and they're they're huge north of the border. They have 4 gold records here, they're sort of a big deal. If you aren't aware (I was not until recently), Canada has a very rich, unique musical culture, thanks in part to some laws concerning the rights of Canadian based bands and radio play. I think it's kind of a cool law that supports their artists federally.

And here are some pictures to keep you entertained until next time;

Neil and I-

The follow up to the party joke-

Sleepy Marc code-


kylewagoner said...

I love the AKA's guys and Josie. Took me like 5 minutes to remember her name, though! I saw them with D4 and the Bouncing Souls. Blew me away they did. I personally thought D4 and them put on a better show than teh Souls that night...


Jen said...

I like your reasoning. Congratulations on taking second place! :]

I've heard great things about Alexisonfire. I meant to catch their set, but I got there late; right as the next band was setting up.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is really fun to read :o)
I will see Alexisonfire in november here in Germany in A-F's company.

Adelleda said...

Alexisonfire is friggin amazing! OF COURSE I'VE HEARD OF THEM...but I am from Canada after all :)

Amanda Cobain said...

I met you guys in toronto and you are 100% right about alexisonfire being huge here oh and btw you guys are the absolute coolest and nicest band i have ever met!!

oh and you put on an awesome show can't wait to see you guys again!!!!!! <3

Twilight Jewel said...

Yes! We did get 2nd place. We rock!
We rocked so much we sucked! That was the best night ever!
And I loved how everyone loved my own bowling shoes.
It was truly a blast.
And Pat took over for you the second round because I asked him to, not so you could rest your arm, silly :)~
Greg Graffin was great.
Except for the once during the first round. Maybe then he took over so you could rest your arm.
2 was getting VERY competitive! Remember, TEAM Anti-Flag! And Neil rocked it for sure!
Love the picture of Marc! Classic.
I am just now catching up on the blogs, I haven't really been home lately since I started hanging with you boys.
Long time friend; Semi-pro bowler. You just made my day, Max.
That is great what you are doing for Alexisonfire.
See you soon.
<3 LoRi

Brittany said...


lara jane said...

im glad i didnt try to actually find out where the party was.
dear my embarrassment:
thank you.
love, tk

haha you guys keep me writing.


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