Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tuesday May 26 2009 10:38 p.m.

Backstage at the AB BOX in Brussels.
The show was great. The room sterile.
We put out sound, I could hear it leave our amps. It just got sucked into a vortex.
However, the 600 some in attendance gave back quite enough.

Pat took his drums into the swirling crowd for our updated version of Power To The Peaceful.

This tour has been a whirlwind.
So much traveling. Today is the first day that actually seemed to move quickly.

--- listening to the new Red Lights Flash album. (www.myspace.com/redlightsflash)

Team Austria is doing quite well for us.
Christoph of Red Lights Flash is our guitar tech for this run.
Thomas is our Tour Manager and Front of House Engineer.
Both are Austrian. Both are generous and kind human beings.

Killing time before I find a web stream of the Pittsburgh Penguins game tonite.


Josh said...


they're ALWAYS covering hockey

Anonymous said...

OMFG your show was awesome. Thx a lot for this concert, i had a very good time! keep on rocking and see you soon in belgium ;)

abcdefghijkristie said...

i knew i should have learned russian-love pat thetic's voiceover, haha.

i basically got "....'antiflag'...'justin sane'...'bad ass mother fuckers'..."

KillBoY said...

Hope you managed to find a stream for the game... I'm trying to follow the updates on Twitter but my computer is being very slow right now. 1-1 so far... come on the Pens.

Was great chatting to you on Sunday, and remember if anything comes up then e-mail me ;-)


KillBoY said...

I know it was for Dos but thanks Josh that website is awesome.

2-1 :D

Twilight Jewel said...

As much as I want to learn new languages...
I can't understand a thing.
Subtitles would have been nice.
The voice they used over Pat's made me smile, er, laugh.
Very awesome!
Stay safe boys!

MrBenja said...

"pat's voice" is funny as hell.
it would've been nice to hear the actual interview in english..

Josh said...

yeah, that site saved my life this season haha. unfortunately im a flyers fan though

philb0t said...

Ha, looks so funny when that girl comes onstage and talks to justin :)

One question referring to RLF:
Why didn't they publish their new album on A-F Records?

Peace out

lara jane said...

haha i love how you stay up to date with your hockey team, even in different countries.

im glad the gigs are going well.

i still have some papers for you to read if you ever get a free moment. haha i doubt that you will. but, just in case :


i'd really appreciate it.
can't wait to drive up for the pittsburg show!

Baptiste said...

Thanks for the show last night. It was the first time for me and it was a pleasure to see you guys.!I'll come back ;-).

I hope that you have visited Brussels yesterday. The Main Square (about 200m near the AB) is really beautiful. Architecturally remarkable. If you didn't, you can come when you want and it'll be an honor to be your guide in Belgium!

It's cool to be available to go up on the stage. Even if a guy mindlessly prostrate himself in front of you, #2! Apart from that, I think we were great ;-).
Pat playing drums in the crowd was specifically a great moment! Just for fun, you're accessible and it's appreciable.

About Pat, his russian voice is indeed wonderful :-D! That kind of things should be on a future dvd... Don't you think?

See you next time and good for the Pens' season.

Much love and respect.


Nani. said...

that was just fuckin' G R E A T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see you soon in Belgium!

PS: I ♥ U Pat!!!!!! ;p

Casper said...

Hey guys, thanks for your preformance in Utrecht (NL). We enjoyed it (especially 911 4 2)! We apreciate the attention to the fans. There are not a lot of bands still in buisness (as I call it) this long that are still as dedicated to the fans as you guys are. You guys rock!

My thanks goes out to Justin for signing my T-shirt.

Casper & Friends

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