Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday. May 4th 2009 9:36 A.M.

Hoodwink show was far greater than expected.
Playing your favorite bands songs is fucking taxing. So afraid to fuck 'em up.
The music that occurred before us was called Brokencyde.
They opened with what I assumed was a joke, a barrage of ignorance. But boy was I wrong. I love hip/hop and rap. I hate homophobia.
I never, especially on a festival show, want to use our stage time to talk about any of the bands playing.
I feel that it is up to us to separate ourselves and that people are smart enough to make up their own mind. People can decide for themselves what type or kind of message and music that they want to participate in.

BUT! This shit was too much. I politely told their crowd that Anti-Flag does not believe its cool or funny to use homophobic// ignorant speech, and that it is not a part of our scene. And then I said I hoped those dudes come down with some Swine Flu. Wakka-Wakka-Wakka.

Anyways.... The set was awesome, we didn't nearly fuck up as bad as we expected. Our boys in Set Your Goals, Outernational and The Ataris we're there for emotional support.

The Setlist:

London Calling
Police On My Back
Career Opportunities
I'm So Bored With The U.S.A
Clash City Rockers
White Riot
Janie Jones
Should I Stay or Should I Go
Safe European Home
(Guns of Brixton - Interlude)
I Fought The Law

In the insanity of the day, I did not get to film/post the video for Track 4 off of The People or The Gun, "We Are The One". I'll do that today.

Lastly, the 4 of us are headed to the editing studio to check in on a cut of a video we shot last Monday for "When All The Lights Go Out." I can give you one hint. FIRE.

Take it easy, but take it.

Chris 2


Devon said...

You guys were awesome @ Hoodwink-we didn't notice any fuck ups at all; you guys were tight.

We were glad that you and Justin said something about the off the hook shit that guy was saying, it needed to be said. It brought back bad memories of my recent Foxy/AKA show. Foxy was trash talking Curt Cobain to the extreme, it was fucking sick. If we all make our stance known and not tolerate that kind of hateful shit the masses will hopefully follow.
Much love to you guys, can't wait to catch you again at Warped-with a bunch of new songs!


kaitlyn said...
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kaitlyn said...

haha, i love it more than i should when you're being a bad ass.
come on, you can say it now that you recorded the all clash set for me, right?
Love, Kaitlyn

VJESCI said...

.geoff gave brokencyde a well deserved spanking too:

Anonymous said...

I saw some videos on Youtube, you guys sounded awesome! I'm glad you said something about Bronekcyde too. I can't believe you just said wakka wakka wakka, hahah.

lara jane said...

I am glad that you decided to stand up against those guys. they obviously deserved it. i usually dont say words like bogus, but that is complete bogus bullshit; they are just so dull that they feel the need to make fun of other people to make themselves feel better. fuck that.

wish i could have been there for the set. im driving up to pittsburg for the warped tour date though.

i have a paper i wrote that id like you to read, its just about anti-flag and sellouts.(and one about patriots) thanks

keep on, youre amazing.


KillBoY said...

Wakka Wakka Wakka? Someone needs to stop playing Pacman. :-P

I'd never listened to Brokencyde before and tbh I never will again after looking at their myspace; they really are shit.

I know I keep saying this on all your blogs but I really cannot wait for the 23rd. It's the day after I finish my 2nd year of uni and I can think of no better way to celebrate. It's gonna be unreal :D

Peace and Love.

Amanda said...

I missed NFG doing Green Day to watch brokencyde! (only because I wanted to be right up front to see that Anti-Flag/Clash magic though.)

I totally agree. At first I was dancing and all, but then their comments started to get more and more out of line, and no amount of "crunk" excuses that! And I was vaguely thinking, "hah, I wonder what Anti-Flag thinks of this shit."

But I was SO glad to hear you guys say something, especially while they and their fans were still in earshot. Perfect.

Adelleda said...

I'm happy you guys would say something against homophobic comments. Homophobia is one thing that I DO NOT tolerate at all. Doesn't it piss you off when people always say "that's so gay"? I understand that they're usually just saying it out of habit but why can't they say that it's stupid? It's even more annoying when you tell someone to stop saying it and they think that it's not a big deal. WTF?? God, and some people really are just so homophobic, it makes me sick! People should at least keep their offensive comments to themselves. Arrrghhhh
Anyway, that's my rant.
I love you guys even more now.

Baptiste said...

I agree with the other comments : I'm glad with your reaction against homophobia. It's sad to see such messages in a music festival and everywhere else.

I'll cite Justin Sane in his as great as simple song "Thanks for the letter" : "The gym coach call me a fag in front of the entire class. So now everyone puts me down by saying I'm gay. But I don't care, cause I've nothing against homosexuals ans the gym teacher is an asshole. I think that things you say are important. Thanks a lot. Keep fighting."

I've nothing else to say.

Much love to you guys and much respect.

Baptiste, Belgium

Sofia said...

Has Anti-Flag made any songs related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

And does anyone know of other bands who have (apart from Propagandhi)?

Twilight said...

I am sure you boys did Clash the proper way. No worries.
Wish I could have witnessed it personally though.

Peace, Love, Respect

Vza said...

get brokencyde off of warped

Andrew said...

I think its beyond obscene that so many people are living in the 21st Century, but they maintain an almost medieval mentality about so many things. Religion, Revenge through war, racism, the list goes on. Homophobia is practically turning into a witch-hunt scenario, and the fact that there are musicians (people that kids have a tendency to look up to) spewing hate. I've never heard Brokencyde, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna stay that way.

Can't wait to hear A-F's new stuff! See ya at warped

radical3718 said...

Fuck Brokencyde. Its a disgrace to say that I'm from the same City - Or better yet, the same state as them. They're in the music scene for the fame, and they like to get drunk on stage. One of my cousins used to be friends with the singer, and all he has to say about that guy: he's a jerk.

I'm glad other people besides me in this world can recognize their stupidity; but apparently I'm one of the few in Albuqueruqe that does.

Anyways, it makes me love you guys more just to hear that you think the fools from Brokencyde are idiots.

Can't wait til you come back to AlbuCRACKY! ;)

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