Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday May 12 2009 2:51 p.m.

So much going on.
I finished recording/producing the Dandelion Snow record: www.myspace.com/dandelionsnow
Talking to a friend of mine who works at a historic studio in Nashville, seeing if he'll master the album.
Master the album to 1/2" tape. Record over some Shania Twain hits.

The People or The Gun seems to be well received by the reviewers and, um, downloaders.
I'm not shocked or upset that the record leaked. I actually think the record is great and want people to hear it.
The only thing that is kind of a bum out is the art packaging/lyrics and essays are pretty important to this record.

Haven't heard the new green day or rancid records yet. Some say they're really good.

Been practicing for this upcoming tour. We start in St. Petersburg, Russia, I'm almost out of passport pages.
Hopefully I am not deported.

Working in some old songs we don't normally play (Stars and Stripes, One People, One Struggle, etc.) and some new one's off of The People or The Gun (When All The Lights Go Out, Sodom, Gomorrah, You Are Fired.).

Also, cooking up a super sacrilegious 7". An unreleased track about gay rights called "A Brief Misunderstanding of the Queens and Kings", put out on a friends (who plays in a great band) label.
How's that for vague.

In the meantime I've been talking to people, doing interviews and the like, all for the new record.
#1 question I've been asked...
It's been a year and a half between The People or The Gun and Bright Lights of America, why so soon?

Answer: By building our own studio we were able to write and record without over thinking the process. By releasing the record with SideOneDummy we can put the record out much faster than we could on RCA. To us it keeps the songs fresh, and pertinent. Instead of writing the songs for a month, demoing them for a month, recording in a studio for 2 months, deliver to a label and waiting 4 months for them to be released, which means a song you wrote almost a year ago is just being released now, we opted to do it much more quickly and keep it as relevant as possible.

Also, our favorite bands were way more prolific than we will ever hope to be.

The Clash-a record every year
The Clash
Give 'Em Enough Rope
London Calling

Dead Kennedys-a record every year.
Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
In God We Trust Inc.
Plastic Surgery Disasters

The Beatles-almost 2 records per year. incredible.
Please Please Me
With The Beatles
A Hard Day's Night
Beatles For Sale
Rubber Soul
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Magical Mystery Tour
The Beatles (The White Album)
1968 (2 disc)
Yellow Submarine
Abbey Road
Let It Be

take it easy. but take it.


KillBoY said...

Glad to hear you're not too upset about the record leaking. I've listened to it (and love it btw) and feel a great deal of guilt for doing so.

Though having pre-ordered it I at least feel semi - justified in knowing that I will still get the essays etc and that some of the money I spent will be going to Amnesty International (one of my favourite groups).

Just one thing, I pre-ordered the album from SideOneDummy but didn't get a free mp3 download with it.

I may have made a mistake at some point but I'm a little bummed.

Peace and Love and see you in 11 days!!!


Adelleda said...

Yeah, I read this book called "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell and he mentioned the Beatles and apparently when they first began, they would play at this club or something for eight hours at a time...eight hours! That's unbelievable!

MrBenja said...

chris, the "art packaging/lyrics and essays", are also important to me, and one of the reasons why i buy an album, why i pay nearly 70 pesos (a little less of what i earn for a day of work) to order an album to be shipped to argentina. so it's obvious that i buy only the records that i like the most, and depending on my wallet..
I don't have any of your records yet, although i've heard them all, and i like them (almost) all. but be sure i'll be buying your last four anytime soon..
The People or the Gun.. having listened to it more than a dozen times, i really like it. at first i didn't liek it too much, but it grew on me little by little... (am i speaking well?) and now i find it a really good album. the only critic i'd make is that is very short, a couple of songs more would have been great. the first time i listened "On independence day", i found it a bit clash-y, and there are some interesting new sounds like in "No war..".
"this is the first night" makes me remember of justin's "Life, love, and the pursuit of justice" (will a second part see the light someday ?)

hope to see a southamerican tour sometime soon.
good luck with everything.

Twilight said...

I am still going to wait until the release date to listen.
I think illegally downloading a leaked album is dsirespectful to a band and the purpose they serve.
Unless you personally tell me I am allowed to download it, I will be impateintly waiting by my mail box. Hey, 27 days isn't so bad.
I can do it.
I hope you boys have a safe and exciting trip overseas.
Very excited to here that you are working older songs in to.
I love both of the ones you mentioned.
So, how would us over here in America get a hold of that 7" since I read it is a German thing. Right? I probally would pay any price.
Much Love and Respect.

lara jane said...

Awesome that everything is going well. I've been keeping up with the youtube videos of the tracks and I ordered the cd a little while ago, so im pretty excited haha.
I got my senior year book today and I'm proud to say that I used a quote of yours for my senior page from a concert in October at the Paladium in L.A.:

"If the history books will teach you any lesson, let it be this: our history will not be written or shaped by any single politician. It will be made by people like yourselves. People who work, people who go to school, people that are not celebrity billionaire career politicians. This world is yours. Take it fucking back."

It was just cool to know that next to my name is your quote that inspired me the most. Thanks

cant wait to see you in pittsburg
you are simply amazing.


Cody said...

i want you to play 8 hrs straight. and the new song rocks the mothafuckin shit, i nearly passed out when i heard it. keep it the fuck up, guys.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to hear the new cd and seeing you guys play live.
I think it's great you guys released "the people or the gun" so soon after the last record. You're right, it keep things relevant. That's makes it even more interesting to listen to the record.

Btw happy birthday :)

skywalker said...

No tour date in Scotland?! I am crushed.

However, I will take solace in the fact that you were awesome at Glasgow ABC in March, that's honestly the best show I've ever seen.

KillBoY said...

Happy Birthday Dos!

Sandra said...

Hey Chris, this is Sandra from Rockzone (Spain). We did an phoner interview last week, remember?

Just wanted to tell you that it was a great interview, it's awesome talking with someone who has so much to say. I'm definitely buying the record.

Can't wait to see you in Barcelona in November ;)


Anonymous said...

your new video is so great!

Anonymous said...

hello,the cd is great, i like so much of "when the lights go out", the lyrics is brilliant and remember the clip Guerrila Radio of Rage Against the Machine.Please come to Brazil.

Paz e Amor
Peace and Love

Anonymous said...

gosh your new cd seems to be soo awesome. I'm so impatient receive it.
I cant wait to see you in brussel next week.

Keep on rockin'


Baptiste said...

First thing: I've ordered the new album this morning, with the last cd/dvd live of The Casualties. Can't already wait!

About download, I think it's difficult to take a strict position. Who hasn't ever dowload a song or an album? Have you, #2?
Bands or artists are always complaining and it's normal but sometimes it's hypocrisy: will we forced to buy every album for 18-19€(+-25$ in my country)? Unbelievable.
But I understand bands because they have to live and earn money.

I buy "a lot" of cd's but I also download sometimes. If it's a big band that doesn't need money and/or is on a major company, I could have no really scruples. Same thing if it's an old album or if the artist is dead! That's some criterions.
But when I really like the band I buy the album every time if I find it! It depends on the situation.

There are bands that I want to support when they are trying to be honnest. SideOneDummy or you at A-F Records sell a cd for 10$. You are doing efforts to put a decent price and that's why I buy your records.

Yeah, The People or the Gun is coming soon after The Brights Lights of America but it's compared to the "normal" way. Fuck it! Keep going on to do what you want! I was surprise by the announce of a new album but it's just a pleasure.
But when you cite The Clash or The Beatles, I think it's not relevant. That bands weren't on tour really regularly. Now, bands make a world tour when they can and for fans it's better, so they don't have the time to release an other album. Yes you are doing that but you're not a normal band ;-)!

I'm really happy to read that you'll play "One People One Struggle"! Great great news... Have a nice tour in Russia. See you in Belgium next week.


PS: hey, a belgian fan juste above me! We'll be 2, at least ;-)

Christa said...

In this day and age it's going to just get harder for artist to have their records kept under lock and key until the day they're suppose to come out. It's just sad to me. Maybe I'm old fashioned but every Tuesday a new CD comes out that I want, I can't wait to get it home to open it and listen to it while I read the booklet.

And I like when artists I listen to put out albums within at least a couple years. I don't listen to many artists who still put out new music so I only buy about 3 albums a year, if that.

anLENIN said...

Thank you for a great show in Moscow! One of the greatest shows i've been to. Hope you will come again and again and again... So stupidly lost a chance to take autographs or something else...
There was only one problem - it was Tuesday!
...I had downloaded your new album a week before the show, but i bought it before the show in the club. 9.5$ dollars - not a high price for a cd, especially for such cd!
Hope see you again, sorry for my bad english

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