Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tuesday June 2nd 2009. 11:31 a.m.

In one week we release THE PEOPLE or THE GUN.
I'm sick to my stomach nervous. The record is streaming on our myspace today.
I hope like hell it means as much to one person as much as it means to the four of us.

The last 2 weeks in Europe were insane.
Our flight home from Copenhagen Denmark was a painless 8 hours and 50 min.
Excpet for the last 20 minutes of the flight, while descending into Washington D.C. we hit turbulence.
I've been on a ton of planes. Been through a ton of turbulence.
This was not bad.
However, it must have been worse to the patrons around me.
Almost every other person was vomiting.
It was brutal. Marc Code was watching Stand By Me on the in-flight entertainment system.
It was very much like the vomit scene from that movie.

The tour itself was almost as brutal.
We had a flight or lengthy drive almost every day.
It was a difficult schedule to say the least.
But the hour or so we played together each night made it all worth it.
It is ridiculously humbling to be in this band.
I never thought for a second I would play music outside of my mothers garage, let alone in Krasnodar Russia, or any other town for that matter.
I never thought for a second any one would give a damn about the notes my fingers played, or the words sung.
I only hope that everyone who buys a record or comes out to a show realizes that we give a damn about each and everyone one of them.

Thank you to every member of this community, family.
It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of something that is bigger than any individual.

Much respect.


Anonymous said...

your music means so fucking much to me. i think it's really great, that you care so much about the world and also your fans.
i hope that i can see you at warped tour in uniondale. [haha. family holiday, so i don't know if i'm allowed to go -.-]
i'm listening to your myspace stream at the moment. the songs sound great. i don't understand all the words [since english is not my mother tongue], so i hope the cd will arrive soon :)
thx for your music :)

Kay said...

I just wanted to let you know that I care about every word you sing and every note you play. In fact you're one of my 5 all time favourite bass players. Sometimes I listen to For Blood and Empire only because I want to hear the bass lines in Project for a New American Century. The verses of that song must be one of the best lines ever written!! I can't wait to get my hands og the new album, what I'v heard so far sounds great =D Take care, I love you and I hope you're gonna make a habbit of comming to Sweden every summer =P

Katie said...

I'll spill my guts to...

This band has opened my eyes to so much. Every track on every cd you guys have written is amazing. You can tell that you guys really care and your live shows are filled with nothing but positive energy. The new album is filled with nothing but passion. Your music means so much to so many of us and we need more bands like you! I love you guys, keep on rockin,

Katie said...

ps. everyone add me. lets be friends. i wanna meet this amazing comunity.

KillBoY said...

Dos, the four of you have inspired me so much over the last two years (from when I first heard This is the end... to speaking to you guys at shows as recently as a week and a half ago) I cannot begin to express in words just how important every song you have released is to me in some way or another.

The new album is magnificent and all four of you should be proud of what you have achieved. I only hope that one day I will do something and feel just as much pride in that as you should in this; and hopefully you all will feel proud that you have played such a big part in anything that I do in the future. I can dream can't I?

Peace out and much love as always.



Tabitha said...

I give a damn about the notes your fingers play and about the words sung!

I just listened to the unreleased songs that come with the preorder and they are awesome! Myspace streaming isn't working for me so I guess I'll have to wait a few more days to hear the rest:(

Sounds like you guys had a really busy schedule. Hope you get at least a little bit of break before Warped Tour.

Thank you guys for all of your hard work, inspiring lyrics, and AMAZING shows!!!

peace, love, and respect

Speaking of shows, I also want to thank you for letting me watch the show from the stage, since I'm in a wheelchair the past few times I've seen you. No other band has ever done that for me. Those are the only shows I've felt like I was really a part of since I stopped walking. It truly means the world to me that you did that.

Chris Williamson said...

This album is a total throwback to some of the sounds you guys had going a long time ago. I remember when A New Kind of Army was released and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I love knowing you guys still have that impact on me musically. I never miss the chance to play your music in my classroom and use it as a teaching tool during modern history lessons. Your messages have brought me to this point my life where I can teach the truth to the students I reach daily and keep them away from the indoctrinated crap which plagues our schools. Keep doing what you do best.

MoreEverything said...

I give a damn. Every time we come to one of your shows the sense of community you bring is inspiring - the energy and the feeling in the room is always amazing. Thank you for putting yourselves out there. can't wait for Warped in Cleveland.

sophiesapphire said...

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed your stay in Europe.
Crazy shit about the vomiting. Something similar happened when I was on my way from London to Stockholm.
I saw you at the Siesta festival in Sweden and you guys were awesome!
Come back soon and party with the Swedish people ;)

Baptiste said...

Thanks for this post. Really! Every artist says "oh I love the fans" but here you seem very sincere.
You know, my love for Anti-Flag was made in 3 steps :
- First, your music. Basically, I don't speak english so the music is the first thing that I love in a band, first good sensation.
- Second, your lyrics, your attitude. Things you say are important and relevant, I think. To learn english, I've translated the lyrics of For Blood and Empire! So I've learned more about you, about your fights. By the way, it's really cool when you put a lot of information and documentation with the cd. It wasn't the case for The Bright Lights of America and I was sad because for me it's important.
- Third, your sincerity. It's the most important thing, it is what I expect about you. I think you are good people, really. Stay yourself and don't forget that...

Come back in Europe when you want! Show in Brussels was great! I could understand that it's hard for you but a personal tour in "small" concert halls is better for us. You are most accessible, closer. Appreciable.

You've right, we're like a community, a family. Especially when you play "One People, On Struggle"! Great song, great sensation to be together, in respect and peaceful.

Thanks for all that. See you next time. Much love.


abcdefghijkristie said...

The cd is amazing. Every cd you guys have put out has been so honest and true to the times which is an incredible breath of fresh air. I'm so glad so many bands are speaking out about what's going on. (The new Green Day and NOFX albums focus on similar topics as some of your songs). But you guys, have shown this passion for knowledge and truth from the get-go. I can relate to your music more than anything and I thank you guys for keeping me going through the rough times! Your album will mean a whole lot to a whole lot of people.
from the bottom of my heart.

michelle. said...

I have pre ordered the album and I can't wait to hear it.
and I hope you'll be coming to england?
specifically birmingham?
I saw you supporting rise against in birmingham in feburary, you were amazing, can't wait to see you guys again.

I love you guys, and I want to thank you for what you do.

kaitlyn said...

hey chris,
do you djay? cause there's a dj #2 announced after your gig in zurich...

Adelleda said...

Aww geeze....you guys are just amazing.
I can't believe how much I love Anti-Flag- the music, the lyrics, and the ideology.
CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEW ALBUM!! It will be great, since every one of your other albums were also great, so yeah, don't be nervous :)

lara jane said...

your music means more than you can imagine to me. please, please go to my myspace and read the paper that i wrote about you. i think its impossible to write excatly how i feel about you and anti-flag in words but i did try. this essay is one of many; so if you read it and are interested, please tell me because i have about 9 of them.

it would mean the world to me to hear what you think.

your music changed my life. i know it sounds chiche but i mean it.

your quote is on my senior page in my yearbook this year. if you would like to see a picture. ill send you one.


thanks so much for your inspiration


Jean Améry said...

Anti-Flag your music is always inspiring. Anytime I need to get back that certain beautiful revolutionary zeal its you guys Jello, Jake Burns, or Joe Strummer who do it best. Anti-Flag is the sound of revolution.

Twilight Jewel said...

I give a damn what all of you boys have to say and play on all of your instruments.
Music accomplishes great thing. I got the album yesterday in the mail. Fucking amazing. There are already a couple of songs on there that mean a lot to me.
I give a damn about you boys too, which is why I am spending my life savings to go to 8 warped tour shows and watch you play and listen to you sing, all by myself, might I add. I have been called crazy for this. And by the way, I am bringing something for you boys... and I don't know how to get it to you guys, could you help me out?
That is if you read this at all.
And yes, this community is a big family. We all have to watch out for each other and get along as best as we can... we're ones who make this shit happen!

Anonymous said...

Pleaaaaaaaaaaase, come back to sweden soon! seriously :(

john said...

i love your music and you its genius, your genius and its just a musical miracle!!! (with all the pop, sex, drugs and shit rap music you have rekindled my faith that there is good music left in the world!!)
i cant wait to go into a shop and buy it god it will be such a good feeling!!!

alex said...

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Thank u :)

chey said...

I didnt really get involved in politics untill i saw you guys at warped tour in cincy 2004. i will be seeing you again in indy this summer and cant wait. you guys deff movtavated me to walk the walk and not being afraid to stand up for what i stand strong for. I love the fact that even now as an adult i still have posotive role mole models to look up to. i always look forward to your new albums. your music helps me keep things in perspective, learning, fighting, and sharing. it means the world to me. im so glad you guys went to a major lable just for the fact that you could do bigger shows to reach bigger numbers of people. and the fact that you did this and still stayed true to your self is amazing and shows that it can be done!!!! keep up the good fight and cant wait till warped.
much love

Pille said...


Kevin said...

Hello, Hope you are having a good day.

You Music is awesome , I think i leave the most comments on your journals! like seriously.

I am Actually going to "The Beat Goes On" now to see if i can find any of your older albums that people sold to the store. I own The People or the Gun and A New Kind of Army.

radical3718 said...

Aw, come on. You have to know for a fact that every single person at every single one of your shows cares about you, the rest of your band, your music - down to every note - otherwise, they wouldn't be there. Your music can affect people's lives in so many ways. Take me for example, aside from playing cowbell on stage in Las Cruces (which made my year), I piss other drivers off by playing your music so loud from my car, and "Hymn For The Dead" is actually the only song that's ever made me cry (also had to do with some events that were happening, but that's not my point!). Also, your music has inspired me to continue being *me*, and not let any corporate bastards tell me how to dye my hair.
You, Justin, Head, and Pat make such a great combiniation of musicians together, and I say keep going forever. As long as you keep playing, people will keep listening.

Anyways, I hope you have a magnificent rest of Warped Tour.. And I'll see ya the next time you're in New Mexico ;)

~Miss Jay Radical

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