Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday April 22nd 10:56 p.m.

I apologize for the lack of correspondence.
Working on getting all the pieces of the puzzle together for the release of The People or The Gun.
Trying to organize interesting things to do with the songs, exclusive vinyl colors, bonus E.P., hooking up with friends to release a 7", etc.

I've been working in our studio recording the new Dandelion Snow album. The songs cover a huge spectrum of sounds. My favorite music has always been music that sonically and lyrically relays stories, emotion in the music, stories that people can really identify with. Thats the kind of songwriter DS is. Its been awesome. Check out some of his music at

Each day, sandwiched in between waking up, playing ice hockey, The People or The Gun preparation, and Dandelion Snow recording, (whew!) we have been working on a fine selection of songs by, the only band that matters, THE CLASH.
Highlights include Janie Jones and Career Opportunities.

Hope you are all awesome.
Much Respect.

P.S. I got Game 5 pens vs. flyers tickets for tomorrow. How did that song go? I am so excited? And I just can't hide it? I think so...


Twilight said...

Yeah, that is how that song goes. haha
You sound busy. How do you find time to sleep?

Twilight said...

Oh, and I wish I lived near the East Coast to check out this Clash set you will be doing. How about one for the West Coast one day?
Much Love.

Anonymous said...

That Clash set will be amazing! Hopefully someone will get a video or two up...I'm sure they will, you know the kids these days.

Baptiste said...

I hope that you'll not be too tired for the next european tour!
It will be the first time for me so be fit please ;-)...

Much love.

Tony said...

youre recording rogers album?! sweet! let us know when its done!!

he is fine fine musician (live and on record). first the code - now solo...perfect.

Whitney said...

duude you are killing me! you guys are playing that set of The Clash songs on my birthday! cept i live in Australia so i can't go see you:(
its gonna be AMAZING though, hope you all have fun:D

KillBoY said...

I'm so jealous of Hoodwink festival it is untrue. I'd love to hear you do Career Opportunity's it's one of my favourite Clash songs.

"Every job they offer you's to keep you out the dock!"

Death or Glory would be awesome too :)

Pens vs Flyers, big game. Come on the Pens. :)

23rd of May, counting down the days :D



Anonymous said...

wohooo theyre coming hereee,to hungary:) im very happy with this fact as i promised to myself to go to their concert again,and now its gonna be easy:):)

kaitlyn said...

oh my! janie jones is my favourite! are you going to record the gig??? please!!!!!!!
can you play it in zurich? please agaaaaaaaaaain!!!

Love, K.

Anonymous said...

the'll be so amazing, why i can't see u?!! hahaha i'm sad, i'm not gonna see u, i don't have nutella right now but there's one good thing: i succed in convicing my mum to go to belgium this summer, and i'll also see u!

For a week i see "Little miss sunshine" (i know shame on me for not see it before!) it was amazing and very funny. wow! what did u think about this movie?

lara jane said...

the clash basically completes me.

hope everything's going well.

ringing in my ears: bullet treatment= the mistake

on my notepad: a paper about sellouts and the main anti-sell out features you.


Devon said...

Yay! I'm so glad you guys will be playing Career Opportunites; one of my favorites! Can't wait to see your set Friday, there's no other band I'd rather see cover The Clash than Anti-Flag. Yay!!!

Peace, Love & Respect


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