Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tuesday, September 30th 8:37pm

For the last week Neil "the real deal" has been working like crazy to shape our super shitty practice room into the place where we'll record our next batch of songs. Neil, along with Justin's dad, Marc Code and Jesse Jones have done a pretty awesome job. I took some photos today as we finished up carpeting our very own studio/insane asylum, and started moving some equipment in.

We plan to go full out once we start next week, were talking blogs, video blogs, and even a live streaming web cam, technology can be our friend, but it will most likely just kill us all.

Here are some photos, much more to come...

take it easy, but take it....


kaitlyn said...

hahaha great! i always wondered how much A-F I could handle daily... i guess i'm about to find out;)

i probably just can't get enough of you though.

take care, Kaitlyn

Whitney said...

it will be like the start of last year when i looked forward to coming home from school and finding new question of the day videos from you guys:D
ahh, thank you:)
but please let us know when the live stuff will be streaming beforehand so that people around the other side of the world can catch it too:)


Kermit Ty said...

Fuck yes. Tell your Dad I send my best to him. I loved meeting him and having tea in a buzzcocks cup with your Mother. Such nice people. Hugs all around, love you all

sammy-saint said...

Live stream?
Fuck school, I'll watch you all day.

March 6th!
Have some new tracks for me (:
Can't fucking wait.

Love you guys,
keep fighting


thereisajoy said...

How exciting! I look forward to it all. Hope all is well.

homewrecker said...

lmao, yeah, it is quite possible that technology will turn around and ef us up in the end, but while we're getting there, rather cool of you guys to put all kind of shizzle out.

seek peace and much love !

warsucksletsparty said...

You guys are awesome! that live streaming thing is a great idea, and having your own studio is pretty badass!
Hope all is well
Keep rocking guys, yinz are the best!