Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Anti-Flag and Rage Against The Machine Ripple Effect Show at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Yesterday we played a show on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol in opposition of the Republican National Convention.  Before our set we had planned with Rage Against The Machine to have them come onto stage directly after our set and play a set of their own on our equipment.  As is often the case at such events, all was proceeding peacefully and without confrontation until the police got involved.  As RATM made their way to the stage, without reason or prior notification the police surrounded the band and informed them that they would be arrested if any of them set foot on the stage. As the crowd chanted, "Let them play..." a plan was formulated. Rather than bow to police oppression and law enforcement's blatant disregard for free speech and the Constitution, it was decided that RATM would walk around the stage into the audience and issue a statement. From there things took on a life of their own...

Check out the video below by Minnesota Public Radio for an account of the events that took place after Anti-Flag's set.

*Note Justin Sane of Anti-Flag in the Pink Scarf which he wore in a show of solidarity with the anti-war group Code Pink. Check out Code Pink at

*FYI- It has been reported that Anti-Flag and RATM did not have a permit to play at the Capitol. These reports are NOT accurate. This event was granted a permit which allowed any and all artists to perform at the discretion of the event organizers. Both Anti-Flag and RATM were invited by the event organizers to play this show.


Anti-Flag said...
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Justin said...

This is scary that we live in a society that opperates as a police state and where are freedoms and liberties can be taken away so swiftly and without just cause. It really reemphasizes why I choose to live my life around being informed and activism.

Raven said...

I think it's very inspiring what RATM did. Instead of giving up on getting their message out they found another way to do so, at the same time sending the message to the government that we will not be silenced!

Really, I don't think they could have picked two better bands to perform at the RNC. We need more people in this country... in this world for that matter, with your spirit.

On another note, I feel for the protesters who were brutalized and arrested by Riot Control. The majority of the protesters were peaceful. While watching the interview with Amy Goodman, Sharif Abdel Kouddous and Nicole Salazar of Democracy Now! and other videos of the police using tear gas on the protesters, striking the protesters, etc. The only thing I could think was... "This is what a police state looks like."

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