Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday September 4th 2008

*** At the DNC, only 16% of the delegates were under age 35.
*** The RNC doesn’t even keep numbers for that stat, but the NY Times estimates it’s 3%.
*** At the RNC, 37% of delegates are over age 60. .
*** Of Republican delegates to the RNC, 77% say it’s more important to hold down taxes than provide health care for ALL Americans.
*** 7% say providing Health Care is more important.
*** The top 1% wealthiest Americans have more cumulative wealth than the 150 million Americans defined as middle class.
*** One in every five Americans is uninsured, and one in every four is either uninsured or underinsured.


Tim said...

This blog has been very interesting to read. Even though I'm from Austrlia, I still find it relevant, considering the outcome of this election will have an impact on the whole world. I wish I could have been a part of Ripple Effect '08 just to support the cause. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if RATM did take the stage!
See you in Sydney and Melbourne (it pays off living in between both cities!) in December. I'm sure Rage playing with you would be welcomed.

Chris said...

I really hope people go out and vote instead of thinking "oh everyone likes him so much my vote won't make that much of a difference" causing the wrong person to be president AGAIN!

If you don't vote

then you can't complain.

twilightjwl said...

We need to vote...
We can make a change, but it requires people to realise their importance...
We can make a difference...
And the smallest difference can change the world.

Kermit Ty said...

From my Mountain Retreat in Montana, and after having lived on the Streets of Montana in the Winter and the Summer, and after having camped all Summer on a Hand-Cycle and making the Revolution real to folks that are not so progressive, I have come to a couple of Conclusions. I am just a man, that needs his daughter, and I am Paralyzed, but I am not in Fear, I am a consumer, but I am a recycler, I am an Athlete, though I have been an Asshole, and after all is said and done, no matter, the Good and the Bad, I leave this world a better fucking place, in some ways, and I have made it a worse place in someways, but in ways, it has made me a better person, and in ways, knowing you was crucial to me. You have been so inspirational to me, and I would like to send you a momento of my love, please call 406-880-6834 and ask Bob Giordano to send you a candle holder. I love you, and if I never ever talk to you again, I will be sad. I am just a man, who loves to watch movies, smoke lots of pot for pain, and be with my daughter. I hope you like my blog, if you ever want to email, please do, it is
I love you, and if I never see you again fare thee well, and God Bless you. Check out the book by Gary Zukav. Please do a song about me sometime, before or after I die, if you fly to Missoula we could record for free, and I would love to play violin with you.
Love always and forever....
Kermit Ty Poulson

Kermit Ty said...

You know what would be bitchin;

Doing a tribute album to all persons with Spinal Chord Injuries, and the Disabled Bashing. It is real, and it happens a lot all the fucking time, and it needs addressed and ended!!!! I have the tools, but I would like to tell you all how to assert your rights, if any of you are disabled, and need help. Don't ever plead to anytyhing, unless you WIN WIN fucking WIN.
Justin, we need to do an interview? when are you free?

Violin Repair said...
Here is how you can email George Bush yourself....

Violin Repair said...

Dear Friends, My heart being too heavy to handle, which makes walking ever the more egregious, and all the Inhabitants whose opinions won't matter in a million years from now, unless you can figure a way back to life before Resurrection......has finally caught up to me in the weighty matter of thought. I thought this last thought, and as such I hope I take it to my grave with a smile on my face. My dog is an Anarchist. I can explain, he has no sense of Government, unless it is to have fun, he has no Order, unless it is the playful existence of fun. He has no masters, he chooses to involve me at his own will, and when I die, he will go back to his Entropic living as a dog with no Masters. He loves, and shows his approval with Love, he lives, and shows his love of living, but he does not obey any sovereign Lord, elected or otherwise put into power, in fact, he hates control, but goes along willingly to be a support and a friend. I leave you with this thought.


Today I summed the whole total of my life, and realized that the only true meaning life left to understand, is this concept. My dog's participation in the socialistic persuit of Anarchy.


Violin Repair said...

Next weekend is my 30th birthday, I have learned to walk again without canes, and I am squatting in Montana. I know my time is growing short, I may even have cancer, add it to the list of everything going wrong with me, and you will see. Oh well, I love you all. I went to a punk show last night in my wheelchair, got knocked out of it three times, got back in, kicked some more ass, and got props. I love punk, till my dying breath.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say it is sad you are dieing, but one less free loading bottom feeding punk ass bitch in this world is really a good thing! The fact that you got sick from being a leach and dumpster diving just goes to so that society really does have a way of weeding out the trash.(by the trash they choose to eat)

Anonymous said...

Hey Mister Anonymous, I didn't get sick from Dumpster Diving you Fuck. And you are so cowardly that you can't post your name. I think that if you want to fight, you can email me, I am not a bottom feeder, and I would take you in at my house, and do you even know the fucking battle??

I didn't get sick from eating the trash, and it seems the trash lives in your brain. So, um yes, Go Fuck yourself.