Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September 23, 2008 8:07pm

Do you ever wonder if this will end?
Do you ever ask why can't everyone smell the bullshit?

1 David.
1 Million Goliath's.

Will people in the future tell our story of triumph?
Will my fingerprints be anywhere near the history books?

Yours will.


Violin Repair said...

I am a David, and I don't like any disempowerment by the people.
I love you
Kermit, who is still fighting, in a wheelchair, living and squatting with a spinal chord injry. LOVE YOU ALL
Keep up protesting, keep up protesting!!!!!!

Violin Repair said...

Quiz Question: How much OIL does it take to fly an AIRPLANE??

How much gas does an airplane use?
so i went on a 12 row plane recently and was curious how much gas they were wasting for the 20 people that were on the plane. so does anyone know how much gas a small plane uses or how much a big plane uses or both?
1 year ago

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You said you were in a 12-row plane, but that's not really enough info to narrow it down to a specific type. Was it a turboprop or a jet? How many seats across each row?

Assuming it was a 50-seat regional jet like the Bombardier CRJ-200 (which has 12-1/2 rows, actually), here are some rough numbers (from *deep* in my memory...):

At takeoff the engines are comsuming about 7,000 lbs/hr, for the pair. Jet-A weighs 6.7 lbs/gal, so that's 1,045 gal/hr or a little less than 17.5 gal/min.

Very shortly after takeoff the pilot reduces power to a climb setting and the fuel flow drops. It will continue to drop as the plane climbs and the air becomes less dense.

At cruise power settings at say 31,000 ft, the engines will burn about 3,000 lbs/hr (448 gal/hr, 7.5 gal/min).

If my memory serves correctly the CRJ-200 can carry something like 14,500 lbs of fuel, for a range of more than 3 hours with reserves.
1 year ago
I'm an airline pilot.
Hmmmm, Now is it diesel or gas?
Well if Anti-Flag uses planes that use Gas, I would have to say that is FUCKED up since they are so against Gas. Hey PAT did you get rid of your car and get a bike yet? Or did you switch it to Hydrogen? I am sure you are doing what you can. How is your bike working Justin? Anyway,
check this source:
I hope that one day we will have to stop being dependant on oil. We could make tires out of Hemp, as well. As most things. Anyway, that is a dream, and you know, perhaps, we will all just die, the end, and then ressurrection