Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tuesday, December 23rd 2008

Eating a granola bar and listening to vocal passes on GRE(A)T DEPRESSION.

Sang 2 songs yesterday and will probably get to a 2nd today before we bid farewell to each other for X-MAS break.

Things are going really well. This song we are working on now was inspired by a Joe Strummer quote and its really interesting that we started on it the anniversary of Joe's death. But thats the amazing thing about his songs and message, they have all lasted longer than him. If we could all be so lucky.

Much love.
Much respect.

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Cecilia said...

Thanks for a coherant update.

I remember when Joe Strummer died - I was barely a teenager but I remember cutting out the article and taping it into a notebook. I wish I knew where it was now.

Here's wishing you guys a good holiday.