Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thur. 18 December 3:57pm

I'll try and be less coy from now on, honestly, its hard to not be overindulgent.
I thought maybe if I would only divulge tiny bits of information, your own anticipation may grow as large as mine.

We've tracked 9 songs so far. It is quite nice to be on our own. The songs range in fervor, but sound more like Anti-Flag than even we expected. Pittsburgh has always had a greater influence on us than even we know. Making this record here has been really impactful on the songs. It's interesting to think about, Die For The Government, A New Kind of Army, The Terror State, all share the hallmark of being recorded in Pittsburgh. Well, it's interesting and important to us at least.

This is an important time in our political landscape.

There is much equality to fight and sing for.

There is much ignorance to fight and sing against.

We have not begun to fight...

Goodnight Hockeymom, Goodnight Joe Six Pack, Goodnight Otto Standard Consumer, Goodnight Otto Normalverbraucher.
Say goodnight to the old gaurd.



Fogster said...

it's nice to hear that you guys have already finished nine songs.
i'm really curious about the new album.

so one question: to which label you're signed now?

greetings from germany

warsucksletsparty said...

can we hear some stuff please?!?! i'd be awesome!!!!!!!!
stay awesome!

Defiant said...

youve already let us over indulge too much! really the recording to do list is awesome and i love the song names. This is a goodbye kiss, you dog! i hope that one keeps its name. stay inspired. ill see you guys in DC on inauguration day

Brittany Abstract said...

My anticipation is bigger than yours already. My anticipation could kick your anticipation's ass.

Make me proud guys.

...As if there's a chance you wont.Haha.