Monday, January 5, 2009

Mon. Jan 5. 2009

First off, holy shit its 2009...
Secondly, we're making mix notes on some songs now.
Talking about the next record art work.
Making master plans for JANUAY 20th DEMAND IN DC.

This year is important to us.
This record is important to us.

Once we solidify all strategy I will gladly share all the information.
New record release status, a whole world's worth of touring.

Until next time...



Florian said...

i can't wait! :)

Whitney said...

ahh this is so exciting! that list of song titles you posted a while back looked awesome, i can't wait to hear them:D

oh and you better come back to australia:P
we didn't get a For Blood And Empire tour and then your "bright lights" tour was postponed:(
we miss you heaps!:(
but i miss you more:P

KayTee said...


warsucksletsparty said...

I'm so excited about the new record!! I can't fucking wait to hear the new songs!!!!
I wish you a happy new year and i hope you'll come back to France real soon cause i've never been to an A-F show and i really want to.

Cody said...

holy motherfucking shit please hurry cause i'm about to die waiting to hear the new songs and waiting to see when you're coming on tour! i really hope i can come up to dc and see you...

PunkCDsampler said...

Can't wait to hear em! And in your tour, you might want to come to The Ottobar in Baltimore. Just a suggestion.

My guess for label is Fat Wreck or A-F. My hope is the ladder.

Violin Repair said...

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Violin Repair said...

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