Friday, August 29, 2008

Flying to Seattle to play bumbershoot and start The Bright Lights of Canada Tour

Pittsburgh to Atlanta:::
Atlanta to Seattle:::
Bumbershoot on Saturday:::
The Bright Lights of Canada Sunday:::

Anyone watch the DNC this week? Barack Obama's speech?
Post of thoughts on the above coming soon. This Blog will serve us well. Talk soon.

#2 and Anti-Flag


kendra said...

i only got to watch some of it on the daily show. and a lil bit on the news. but i heard more about it.. i really hope obama does all the things he's promising to do.

Toby said...

A-F, I thought the speech was awesome. He didn't use race as a crutch, which would have been easy to do on the 45th ann. of MLK's March on Washington, but he tied it in eloquently. He had a clear policy outline, and he took on John McCain directly without taking the desperate measures of making up flat out lies like we saw Sarah Palin do tonight. The speech was moving, passionate, aggressive, and showed that he is ready to take on the right-wing Jesus jumpers. We need bands like you guys, Rise Against, Rage, and others to get out there and get the tired, young, and poor to the polls this time, and believe me, we are working like hell to get out the vote on college campi across the country. Rock Chalk Barack