Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday, February 16th 4:18 p.m.


Loup said...

Can't wait !

wewanttobefree said...

16 songs!

oh please please play them for me in the next month,
i doubt you will at the free show gig on friday (cant wait btw, getitng there at 7am please come say hello!)

but with rise against?
im hoping!

have a safe flight on wednesday :)

Defiant said...

CHRIS!!! Give us a sample to hear!!!!! When do are you guys lookin to get the new disc out?

Sasha said...

Even the song titles seem awesome...I'm already excited :):):):)

warsucksletsparty said...

I can't fucking wait to hear these songs!!!!

Vernon said...

Fucking epic, I was worried with end of the Bush years, you'd not have new material, but fuck, 16 songs, epic stuff ya guys! Can't wait to hear it all!

fuck_the_flag said...

heeee,guys can't wait the new album but please give us a sample to hear!!!!!i hope sooo much that you come back to austria^^

philb0t said...

It's just great that there will be a new album this year :)

Hope you come to Germany soon.

Peace out!

wewanttobefree said...

thank you for today guys!
Fucking best gig of my life,
And Justin im already preparing the video of you to show to my headteacher about fucking up our school.

Cant wait to see you on the 6th, not looking forward to rise against though :p haha, might leave after you guys.

New album <3
Tour! <3
Colchester again would be beyond amazing, or somewhere else tiny like today!

and yeah i did cut open my knee, haha i got to go doctors tomorrow :| :)
worth it!

wewanttobefree said...

haha also,
we made your roadie fellow ask you about the rabbits name.. pepper or jerome?!

I know we looked like stalkers but we did really just want to know the rabbits name :)

Streifi said...

Hey Guys! It seems that this record is going to be pretty cool. Its really cool that there'll be a record within a year after the bright lights. its pretty amazing. THANK YOU!

.. but how about a sample? :-) really can't wait for it. its like 2006 where the press corpse has been released on your page. that was a hell of a great time i spent listening to that song again and again..


Lori Arrowood said...

Looks truly amazing.
I am sure it will sound as good as it looks.
Stay safe boys and can't wait.

Adelleda said...
check it out yo!

Adelleda said...
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username said...

HEY i hope you guys get some new music out those songs look great.

ps. get better justin

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