Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14 2008.

Streaming web cam test #1

Live Broadcast by Ustream.TV


Sammy_Saint said...

My day was going so shit
I am now ecsatic

Chris#2 I love you :|

Unfortunately theres the time difference
Ill make it work

Katie said...
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Katie said...
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KayTee said...

This makes me excited. You make me excited.
I <3 the 2.


Raphaela said...

This is cool.
I never knew #2 could play drums :D
Waiting for more ^^

Violin Repair said...

I thought you guys were against Censorship, but you delete my comments? Oh so fucking revolutionary, oh so fucking awesome! Guess what, I realized that you get paid in American Currency, fly on big fucking jets all over the World, and how is that fucking making anybody richer? Meanwhile you pretend to care about people, but what you really want is there money, so you sell your Merch, don't give a fuck about some people, give a fuck about Other people, and where is the open mindedness in all of this? Meanwhile, can't answer your phones or swallow your fucking pride to talk to me, or even return an email. Sit there and judge me from towers, and it takes emails like these to get your attention. Fuck your attention, and fuck you, if this is the way you want to be to me. I have a good heart, and if you are too fucking self righteous to talk to me, I think perhaps maybe you should fuck me then. yeah, come fuck me, come fuck me hard. With a big Anti-Flag dick in my ass. because I get the same response from you that I get when I email George Bush, and that is a big fucking silent nothing.

Violin Repair said...

Guys, I am actually kidding. I was just practicing my edge. I know you guys post my comments. I was prankin ya. Stay lively, even after I am DEAD. Lets face it, I am a prankster. What about talking to me, I am disabled, so what, email or call me. I could use an uplifting email. Thanks for posting. Fuck the war

Kermit Ty said...

Dudes, Keep up the good work. FUCK YES!! I am so glad you out there fighting the fucking battles you are. Thanks for all your help, and your love. I don't know how much longer I have to live, but I fucking hiked a two mile mountain, pushing my fucking wheelchair in front of me to get to a buddhist retreat, then I fucking played my fiddle up there. I fucking love you all. KEEP UP THE FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We all do our part. I have been in the trenches, I have been homeless, I have been paralyzed, I have been an athlete, and addict, a father, a friend, a lover, a fighter, a hater, an asshole, many things, but I am sober and staying that way. Walking with a cane!!!!! I got a dog, I have the best friends, and the most kick ass daughter. FUCK YES.

fuck_the_flag said...

thats great,I'm already looking forward for new videos,
and number 2 you're a great drummer. ;)